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Curating From a Book

In this video I demonstrate the technique of curating from a book.  In this case, the book that I use is from Public Domain so there is a lot of material to use.  But you can actually curate from real current books but not more than a single paragraph.

Under the principles of fair use, reviewers are allowed to quote about a paragraph from a book.  In a public domain book, no one owns it.

Please note, if I was quoting from a book that is copyright, be sure I’d be linking (with an affiliate link) to Amazon.  But since the book I’m quoting from is NOT copyrighted, I don’t link to it.

Curating From A Book


By the way, you can see the actual example at my son’s site right here: Bobby Jones on the Importance of Mental Golf

By the way, did anyone notice that in my post on Curating from a book I followed all the rules of curation?

Tricky guy, huh?

Oh, I might as well add a link to my site.


Can You Show Me A Sample Curated Post

A lot of people have been asking me, “Can You Show Me A Sample Curated Post?” And so I decided to throw this post up on this site to give you and example.

The main thing you want to pay attention to is the title of your blog post is your long tail keyword phrase.  That phrase is used one in the title of the post.  It is used again in the intro (the sentence above.)  It is also used to introduce the curated material (and we do that in H2 format.)

So follow along and duplicate this process and pretty soon, you’ll be doing amazing curated posts as well.

Can You Show Me A Sample Curated Post

Content curation is the collection and sharing of content such as articles, videos, pictures, tweets, songs or other pieces of digital content. A related term, content aggregation, uses automation to collect content versus curation, which is done by a person. Obviously, you can curate non-digital content, but let’s keep it to digital content for the purposes of this article.

Content curation usually involves the collection of content relevant to a topic and then sharing short portions of them (on a blog or website or other platform), while linking to and giving credit to the original source. So, to make it really specific, here are some examples:

  • A blog post about Twitter strategies where articles are gathered from some of the top sites around the web. I would display the headlines, the first line or two of the article (or a summary), possibly a thumbnail from the article, and a link to the original article. I’d probably group related articles into sections (see the Facebook post example further further down).
  • A blog post with the best pictures of Winter. Pulling great pictures from sites such as Flickr or other photography sites and linking to and crediting the photographers (check licenses).
  • A review of top SEO advice on video could include several YouTube videos with some highlights, analysis or summaries of each.

What you see above is the curated content. It is set off in block quotes. At this point, I might link to Tom Trentor’s site I curated the content from like this. At this point, I would go into a discussion about the content. I might agree with it or disagree with it.

I can post additional content such a video if I want to add more value to the post.  I think I’ll do that here.

This video is from Michelle Lin.

So here, I might want to talk about the differences between Tom and Michelle. I might be controversial here and say both are wrong. But in any case, you’ll be able to have an answer for, Can You Show Me A Sample Curated Post.

No animals were injured in curating this post.  Not only that, not a single brain cell was used. Just follow the format.  :-)

Inner Game Copywriting

“The Great Copywriting Hoax!”
9,124 copywriters show that copywriting courses are virtually useless for building a 6-figure copywriting career.
This 7-Figure copywriter gives you the final piece of the puzzle… and reveals what you should be doing instead.
His 7-Figure copywriting cronies are raging mad that he’s spilling the beans — because they know their precious secrets work!
(They work so well you have an entire year to try them out.  If you still aren’t making real money – he’ll pay you out of his own pocket!).
From: Harlan Kilstein
You’ve probably heard of AWAI. It’s the top copywriting “school” in the world.  They churn out rookie copywriters through their correspondence course.  Most of them wash out in the process they’re gone for good.
There are currently 9124 copywriters who registered at one time or another on their infamous “board.” Most of them are history.  Their copywriting careers only a memory.  Their course material has either been sold on Ebay for pennies on the dollar, dumped, or abandoned on a shelf somewhere.
The chances of a rookie copywriter making it to the big leagues is miniscule. Unless you discover…
The number one key to success as a copywriter is NOT your skill as a copywriter.  In fact, some of the best copywriters in the world are starving for work.
I’m about to reveal the key to success as a copywriter.  It’s something not a single person talks about but it’s true never the less.
It may shock you.
It may make you angry – particularly if you’ve spent thousands on copy courses and still aren’t making decent money as a copywriter.
But I urge you to read this letter in which I reveal what got me to the top of the copywriting world in the blink of an eye.
Look, let’s get one thing off the table.  There is serious money to be made in copywriting.
And your talent is only a fraction of the equation.
Your Mind Is Holding Your Success Hostage!
Every time you sit down to write and stare at a blank screen…
Every time you accept a job for much less than you want…
Every time you think your work isn’t worth a lot of money…
Every time thoughts just don’t come to you…
If these and other similar problems plague your copy writing, then you need to pay close attention to the following words because they will transform your bottom line. Just keep reading and you’ll scroll your way into unlimited copy success.
As you know, writing copy can be a lucrative career choice. That’s why so many are jumping on the bandwagon.
Everyone has ever written something feesl like they can translate their previous writing experience into a cash-flowing business. But how to do it right actually eludes over 90% of copy writers.
All of the problems causing your copywriting career woes are about to be solved and permanently obliterated from your life.
And this is not some quick fix stroke clinic. This is something that once learned, will have lasting effects!
Quite Simply without an ounce of hype or hyperbole…
Programming You for Permanant Success.
What is it that separates the top 20 copy gurus from the rest of the pack. They use certain elements in their writing that the others simply don’t use. The secrets that I will share with you, would like to be kept from the average copy guys by “specialists” in the field.
They would like to charge huge fees to do for you, what you can do for yourself.
When you’re an elite athlete, playing for top dollar, you need an edge over your competition. Some resort to external vices such as steroids or other optimizers, while others go inward, to find that “the true solution lies within”.

My name is Dr. Harlan Kilstein, and I’m one of the top copywriters in the industry an elite NLP hypno-coach to go with it.
I’m one of the acknowledged leaders in copy that gets people results immediately. While other copyists are still deciding whether or not to work for you, my results are making my clients serious money right away.
My sales letters have made millions and millions of dollars for my clients. People call from all over the world just to get me to write ads for them. People routinely pay me thousands of dollars to create ads for them. I’ve taken the most distressed businesses and turned them around overnight.
Until a few years ago, I owned the largest hypnotic clinic in the United States. Now I have my own copy business that’s looked at as a model of a successful copy writing business. The secrets that will be revealed have been used by aspiring copy guys and the top names in the business.

I use something that’s known as NLP to give my copy a good kick in the pants (read: makes me much more money than copy without it).
You may ask, just what is NLP?
And more importantly..
How can NLP help me and my copy?
NLP stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”. It is a method for shaping a model of successful behavior and what inner thoughts that make that behavior successful. It can be used in therapy to help people to change their behavior to lead more successful lives.
NLP is often used to help with weight loss, smoking cessation, phobias, and therapy, but its applications are limitless and can be used to achieve success in any area.
Milton Erickson, an NLP pioneer, created his own model of NLP. He would build rapport with his patients, and then distract the conscious mind so that he could communicate with the unconscious mind more effectively. This unconscious communication was very persuasive and would allow the patients to come to successful conclusions to help themselves on their own. When people feel like they are coming up with the answers themselves they are much more likely to respond positively.
Long-established forms of psychotherapy and psychiatry can be a long, painful and expensive process. The techniques used in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotheraphy have been proven to be faster and more effective approaches to achieving behavioral changes are lasting, self-fulfilling and powerful.
We’re going to focus on NLP’s uses for business communication and sales. NLP helps its users communicate more clearly and succinctly and help them express what they really want to. Certain NLP methods are widely recognized as useful techniques within business management communication.
Again, what we’re going to use NLP for is to enact change in ourselves that will translate over into your copy. It will be more compelling copy and just as importantly it will convert and sell more.

I want to introduce you to a personal friend of mine. His name is Doug O’Brien.
Doug O’Brien is what’s known as a Master Practitioner of NLP. He also trains people in NLP, and he’s a Certified Hypnotherapist to boot (We have a lot in common).
This is a guy who’s worked in seminars with Tony Robbins. In 1988, while assisting at NLP and NAC trainings with Tony, Doug was designated a Master Trainer. He now conducts numerous seminars of his own around the globe (specializing in the “Sleight of Mouth” patterns of Robert Dilts, NLP Certification Courses, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy) and helped found Columbia-Presbyterian’s Department of Complementary Medicine.

Doug’s got some new recordings out. And they are worth making a fuss over. These are brand new, hot off the presses – and not many people know about them.
That’s why I want to share them with you.
These programs are literally gold.
Here’s Doug’s CD list:
•    Financial House Cleaning
•    Productivity & Time Management
•    Procrastination Blaster AKA: The Secret to Success in Life
•    Fearless Writing
•    Deep Trance Identification
•    Hardball Negotiation
•    What’s Your Why
•    Make A Plan & Do It
•    Combating Entrepreneurial ADD
•    Your Money Mindset
•    Ass Control
•    Overcoming Setbacks
By listening to Doug’s recordings, in a little over an hour and a half you’ll learn:
• How to overcome negative thoughts and self-doubt and rid yourself of the feeling that “I’m not gonna make it in this game!” (No more depression about your work because you’ll be on your way to the big leagues!)
• How to gain confidence in yourself to be able to charge what you want. Take your own personal copy business to its maximum heights! After you get the hang of it, you’ll just sit back as your business goes on automatic pilot!)
• Proper inner game copy that you can launch AT WILL. Your sit-down time will be shorter and your writing will be much more powerful, effective, and persuasive.

• How to properly learn from others’ copy! (No more worries about your rivals approaches …to quote Dr. Seuss, you’ll start happening too!)

• When it’s “just not coming to you” it can be excruciatingly frustrating. Avoid that frustration with NLP techniques that will have you churning out great copy like a newspaper press.
• Inside tips about anchoring that the pros use that has nothing to do with cruise ships. (You may have seen this done but haven’t quite known how to do it right!)
• Build your mental game to be unstoppable. It will make all the difference in the world when you have the same mental state as the top copy experts – guys like David Garfinkel, Gary Halbert, and John Carlton. Do these names ring a bell? They should.
• Overcome the anxiety of your writer’s block to plow through the work that you need to do in record time. (You won’t find these methods anywhere else.)
• How to know the difference between a good copywriter and a great copywriter.
Doug is going to show you that.
And how to become the latter.
• How to program yourself for success. It’s not as hard as you think. In fact, Doug makes it readily within reach.

Want to know who’s talking about Doug?
These Pros (You may have heard of them):
“I have known Doug O’Brien for many years and have been consistently impressed with his skill and integrity. Doug is one of the rare teachers who is able to integrate NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis, so that students develop both conscious and unconscious competence. I confidently endorse him as a trainer, and as a person.”
- Robert Dilts, Co-Developer of NLP and Author of NLP Vol 1.”

“I Highly recommend Doug O’Brien of Doug O’Brien and Associates. He is continually updating and training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed.”
- Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP

“There are only a handful of people in the country whom I have personally trained and am totally confident in recommending. Doug O’Brien is one of these few.”
- Anthony Robbins, Author of “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within”

“I especially enjoy Doug’s sense of humor – how he combines compassion with a lighthearted spirit. He sees the bigger picture of life, and focuses not on problems, but on solutions. Doug not only gets results, but everyone has a good time getting them.”
- Dan Millman, Author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and “No Ordinary Moments”

“Since dropping out of the teaching game I had really gotten out of touch. It was nice to see someone like Doug in action. The Hypno-biz is passing into good hands.”
- Dr. Steven Heller, Author of “Monsters and Magical Sticks”

“Doug O’Brien is a master teacher, offering skills that will have a huge impact on your life. He has a wonderful way of making the complex easy for people to grasp.”
- Nancy Raimondo, Unlimited Resources, Bayside, Long Island

“…Impeccable professional expertise and integrity… Rarely have I seen a teacher or trainer consistently demonstrate a caring that is equal to his skill as Doug O’Brien.”
- Dr. Robert Bays, Author of The “Five Lessons of Relationship”

You know, Doug seriously considered NOT sharing these secrets with you for a while.
Why? Because — once you learn how easy it is to make a serious living, and write incredible without any fuss or hassle— he might not ever hear from you again. You’ll finally have all the knowledge you want and will be sailing so smoothly, you won’t need to hear his sage advice any more.
But then, when he thought about it, I have a feeling once you see how well it’s going to work for you, you’ll be wanting to know what else he’s developing for you. I mean… it’s the lazy copywriter’s DREAM — making money right away, no time needed to train for the stuff – and you’ll have a skill that will last you a lifetime.
And it’s also a very gratifying experience to help teach people something so integral to their lives. Your business and its success are a part of your life that you want to maximize.
It’s especially rewarding to hear from so many people who I’ve helped completely turn around their copy writing and other areas of their lives as well.
This is the kind of “insider” information on copy that is completely hidden from most amateurs. None of your buddies will ever get close to even knowing this stuff exists. Yet, for you, right now… you can get it.
These programs took a long time to create, record, edit, plan, and compile… but it was worth it.
If you’ve been thinking about investing in this area of your life, then I sincerely urge you to do so. Doug and I guarantee these programs will work for you, and get you the results you want. We’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee, and we stand by our work and our guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied and don’t get ten times the value that you’re paying for Doug’s program, send it back and we will refund you. But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
I encourage you to purchase Doug’s programs. Get your inner game kick-started tonight and see results you never thought possible tomorrow.

Harlan D. Kilstein Ed.D.C.Ht.

PS I want to stress what you will get out of Doug’s phenomenal programs.
You’re going to get:
•    Inner confidence and inner game for writing your copy
•    Tools that will effectively allow you to overcome writer’s block or running out of ideas of what to write
•    The ability to write more effective, more persuasive, and sell more
•    How to convey your real worth to your clients to command top dollar
•    Be Unstoppable in your copy business
I rarely endorse products and I can tell you that you will find no better value, no better teacher, and no better programs than Doug’s.
Get to Doug’s site and buy his programs. They will change your life.

Wealth Building Seminar Sales Letter

Last Fall When I Announced My Wealth Building Summit I Stated…

You Can’t Attend This Summit  Unless You Promise
Not To Teach The Material!

But I Was Shocked When In Just Months, People Who Attended Saw Immediate Results When They Applied…
“The Wealth Building Secrets of The $500 Million Dollar Man”

Dear Future Wealth Builder,

Last October, I invited members of the Insider’s Code to “The Wealth Building Secrets of The $500 Million Dollar Man.” At this seminar, he revealed (for the first time) the hottest, most powerful set of wealth building skills and strategies I have ever discovered.

It was a miracle that I got him on stage at all. But after hearing the results of some of the people who attended the Dallas Wealth Building Summit, I was blown away.

They call him “The $500 Million Dollar Man” because he has raised huge sums of money to build massive wealth for himself and his investment partners.   Quite frankly, insiders know him as the master of wealth building because he can teach wealth building skills more quickly and more simply than anyone alive.

And the $500 Million Dollar Man is already helping at least one of the people who attended launch a multi-million dollar project.  Keep reading and I’ll share the details.

But getting him to take the stage was quite a challenge because  this is one set of skills that he never wanted to share with others for a very important reason. He believed they were too powerful and quite frankly too dangerous for the general public. He was concerned the information would spread inaccurately and cause great harm to peoples’ dreams of wealth.

Taking The Vow of Silence

It was a number of years ago when one of the great gurus of the business world “persuaded” him to take the stage and share some of his teachings.  Since that time, bootlegs copies of those tapes have been smuggled, copied, and distorted causing him endless heart-ache and aggravation.  So he took a personal vow of silence, never to share these materials publicly again.

Back then I had no clue what real wealth building was or how to access its secrets. But as soon as I heard about “The $500 Million Dollar Man”, I knew I had to learn what he had to say. My number one goal became my number one heart-break when he said “No.”

In recent years, I have come to realize that Forex trading is only part of the formula of growing massive wealth.  Rather than stumble around in the dark, I set out in search of a proven formula.

Have you ever studied any of the materials currently available on wealth building? Most of them are in “The Secret” mode just sit around and “manifest your wealth.”  Yeah right I thought as I passed them by.  How come there are no materials from people who have actually become massively wealthy on their own.

Weeks passed. My life was a mission unfulfilled.  Everywhere I looked, there were hordes of people barely making ends meet while a small select (and secretive) group was building huge bank accounts and portfolios.  I began to wonder what these people knew and began to ask them about their fortunes.

Shocking Discovery!

When people become wealthy, it appears by accident. And if you ask them to recount the steps that blasted them to success, they are totally clueless.  They’ve gotten to the center of the labyrinth but have no idea of the path!  Therefore most people conclude that wealth building is unpredictable and unique to that person.

So when I discovered “The $500 Million Dollar Man” I got all excited.  Here’s a guy who retired at the age of 31 who started from zero.  He graduated from New York University with a major in English and a few years later, he has accumulated massive wealth that just keeps growing.

Not only does this guy know how to build wealth, he has taught people over the years as well.  He’s even put together an entire system on Wealth Building step-by-step, strategy by strategy.

But here’s the sad part, because of the experiences with the sharks the man with the Midas touch guards his information like a pit bull.

When he first started with virtually nothing, the sharks took him for over $1 million tax free on his first two deals. He swore to himself never again.

He studied the best to develop a wealth building system that he could use over and over so he would never have to rely on others.  He won’t talk to anyone unless they sign a non-disclosure and agree never to teach his information.

I signed his non-disclosure form and was pleasantly surprised when the $500 Million Dollar Man eventually took the stage and presented at the Dallas Wealth Building Summit.

Most people never get the opportunity to talk or interact with a true wealth builder.  Sure, all of all have watched “The Donald” say “You’re Fired!” but that’s as close as they get.

At the seminar, people flocked to the $500 Hundred Million Dollar Man and hung on to his every single word.  By the end of the summit, people left the room with an action plan in hand.

I was so excited about the results of the seminar I began planning for another seminar.  I was shocked when the $500 Million Dollar Man turned me down flat.

I begged, pleaded, and cajoled but the answer remained no.  He would continue to teach me privately but he was done taking the stage.

And if, I hoarded this information for myself, then I would violate my promise to reveal to you every secret, strategy and tactic for you to build massive wealth.

My Dilemma

Here’s the true dilemma I faced: I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I took it for granted he would want to appear again.  After all, he got rave reviews.

But his mind was made up. Until I discovered that one of the people who attended the Dallas Wealth Building Summit is just days away from signing…

A Multi-Million Dollar Deal!

Here’s the report from an Insider Code member who attended the Summit…

I attended your Wealth Building conference you gave in Dallas in November given by The $500 Million Dollar Man, (name removed).  Despite being in the financial industry for over 25 years, I was blown away by what I learned.  I have already incorporated several of his strategies and techniques which I believe will substantially enhance my wealth over the next couple of years.  My company manages about a half of billion dollars of assets.

When I first came to this conference, my expectation was that if I could pick up one or two nuggets of wisdom, the conference would be worth attending.  What was most pleasantly surprising was the amount of information I was given that I found directly applicable to my business and personal wealth management goals.

While I’ve attended many wealth building/management seminars and conferences in the past, none had the quantity and quality of useful and immediately applicable information I received from his presentations.

If you ever get him to present again, I’d recommend ANYONE attend.  They are well worth the time and effort.

Thomas Quinlin, CIMA, AIFA
Managing Member

Thomas is about to ink a huge wealth building deal based on information and strategies he learned directly at this seminar.

The Short Cut To Massive Wealth Building

I know most people just refuse to believe that this type of information exists.  In fact, virtually all people writing on wealth building never built any real wealth themselves. They just copy what others said haphazardly-with no real organized approach. But that’s like adopting the “Ostrich” strategy of investment – hide your head in the sand and you’ll only get your butt kicked.

Frankly, I have a lot riding on this too…my reputation… I CAN’T be pulling your leg. The entire wealth building community of gurus is going to be watching and hoping that I will fail because…

The Real Wealth Builders Are Furious That I Insist
On Making These Wealth Building Patterns Public.
And The Phony Wealth Building Gurus Know They Will Be Exposed.

The reason the real wealth builders are furious is that this is a well kept secret of the “elite” in this field. The few that know it aren’t about to release it under any conditions to anyone. Why would they?

Think of it this way. Secrets are taught by masters to apprentices. This is the way it has always been and always will be.

The only way anyone can learn strategies like these is to be taught by someone who has personally mastered them.

Spilling the Beans in Public

So with absolute proof that members of the Insider’s Code stood to make windfall profits with the information The $500 Million Dollar Man had inside his head, I was a man on a mission.  I wasn’t taking no for an answer.  And I succeeded, but he mad it clear to me…

This might be the last time…

The $500 Million Dollar Man Goes Public

Look, while the US economy rolls over and plays dead, people who attended the Summit are busy rolling up their sleeves and building real wealth.

Not the Madoff wealth that can disappear in the blink of an eye but by building real businesses that can add to your bottom line.

Because the $500 Million Dollar Man doesn’t believe the answer today is stocks, bonds, hedge funds, or real estate.  What he believes may shock you…

There Is No Better Time Than Today For Building Wealth

He said the $500 Million Dollar Man’s wealth building strategies and skills require some grounding, context and background.  They are NOT for people who just want to sit around and wish for more money in their life.

And what he is going to reveal works even better in today’s economic times because your costs are lower.

His system connects the dots for beginners, intermediates and advanced wealth builders. Even more importantly, his system is designed so you can adapt it to the fast moving environments we all face.

He pointed out that most “so called systems” are static. They lack flexibility so you can adapt to change and respond with better choices and decisions.

In this way, you protect your downside while seeing opportunity on the upside. You can operate in up or down markets.

This same system is used by his associates and clients who are mega millionaires and billionaires.

Understand, his system is not just for beginners.  In fact, if you don’t have a copy of My Forex Traders Guild Insiders Code you probably should not attend this program.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you get started in wealth building. In fact, if you are not well grounded in the techniques and strategies you’ll learn at this upcoming conference, I worry you will fall victim to typical beginners’ errors.

You see I’m worried. What worries me is if someone misuses these strategies to create wealth. If they start to succeed but have not been prepared to make all this money, they could give it all back. All could be lost – as quickly as it comes. Think of lottery winners and instant celebrities.

But the $500 Million Dollar Man already anticipated my concerns.

“In baseball the coaches all tell the players to wait for their pitch.  A batter with no skills (and a low batting average) will swing at anything blindly.  That’s a guaranteed way to strike out.  If you want to hit the home run, you have to wait for the right pitch.”

“All too often, people will jump in and invest blindly because they want to get in the game.  These are the people who are going to lose their shirts.”

“The essence of what I’m going to share is how the wealthy recognize an opportunity to jump on.  They are going to learn how to leverage the skills they’ve acquired in trading Forex to build real wealth.”

When I told him I had received a lot of questions on wealth building, he told me he could tell them to me.  And he did…

He Nailed Every Question On Target!

You see the $500 Million Dollar Man has been teaching his techniques privately for years.  And when he talks you can hear a pin drop.  And as his words sink in, peoples’ eyes light up light cash registers on steroids.

If you are looking for a catch, there is one…

You Have To Sign An Agreement Not To Teach These Strategies Before You Enter The Room
– No Exceptions

Everyone will be required to sign a non-disclosure form before they get access entering the conference room.  You can use the techniques he is going to reveal (heck, he’ll even coach you if you like) but you can not teach them publicly.  [It’s the same form I had to sign.]

Now I want you to ask yourself a serious question…

Do You Want To Just Retire Or…
Retire In Style And Live the Life of your Dreams

How? By learning these strategies and skills almost overnight. Just pay attention to his astonishing teachings… and you’ll totally want to reassess your financial strategies…

Look, according to a McKinsey report, at best only 25% of the population is ready for retirement. And off those 25%, only 5% at most could live the life of their dreams.

And, he said, with what’s occurring in the marketplace, it will only get worse.  A lot worse! And those who think they are prepared, really aren’t. Many of them will see their wealth eroded by increased taxes, inflation and regulation.

It’s like playing Russian Roulette but there’s a bullet in every cylinder!

The odds are stacked against you.  Social security may not bail itself out- you may not fully qualify as the money runs out. For all we know Social Security may not be around to help you.

Expand Your Limitations

Well, listen up. You can start learning these wealth building patterns in your life and begin applying them yourself – regardless of what the gurus say. What’s more…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve invested in the past and failed.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a million socked away in the bank to invest.

And… it doesn’t matter if you still think wealth building is a pipe dream and you have to be born wealthy or it‘s not going to happen.

Nope. The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to start moving from doing “okay“ financially to doing “very well“ and finally reaching the “Holy Cow“ stage.

So you’ve got to attend this once in a life time conference to keep out of financial harm’s way and to discover…

The Speeding To Wealth Formula

The basis of this summit is building your own Speeding To Wealth System.  Here’s what you are about to discover…


  • How to see beneath the surface and recognize patterns of wealth.

  • The one pattern great wealth builders see that no one taught you.  Knowing this one pattern makes the difference between vacationing on the Riviera or pitching a tent in the back yard.

  • How to see with the eyes of the mega-wealthy.  It’s not what you see that counts.  It’s what you don’t see that could either make you piles of bucks or send you crying “Mommy.”

  • The difference between an investor and an entrepreneur.  Which one you want to be and why.  When you should be both? The answer is not what you think.

  • Why building your own Money Machine is the key to retiring with financial freedom.  All great wealth builders own one and often many.

  • How to set up your portfolio to maximize income and turn your assets into wealth.

  • How the 80/20 rule applies to your investing and where you allocate your assets.  How much liquidity do you really need?

  • Where wealth builders put 35 to 60% of their money.  You should too but only if you follow this one piece of advice.

  • How much risk should you be willing to take?  And, how quickly should you change your investments?

  • Does asset diversification really work?

  • Market meltdown!  What you should do first and why.

  • Understanding the four main “Snapshots of Wealth” and why you should always be learning from innovative companies.

  • Commodities, stocks, bonds, or other investments? What’s going to bring you the best returns?

  • Money machines and special money machines.  Do you need both and what purpose they serve.

  • How to use these wealth building concepts online or off.  You’ll understand once you see the patterns of genius in each market.

    If you think you’re getting good high quality information, it’s time to buckle your seat belt because it’s time for…
Warp Speed Wealth
Here the $500 Million Dollar Man lays out the exact strategies you’ll need to…

  • Create or run your own Money Machine. Bill Gates used these exact strategies to become one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. So have Buffet, Branson, Carnegie, Welch and all the other great wealth builders.  If you know what to look for, it’s easier than you think.

  • Understand the language of money. You’ll need to speak the language of Wall Street investors if you want them to buy into your ideas.  If you speak like a beginner, they’ll walk all over you.

  • Know what money, health and happiness really mean to you.  And when will you know that you are truly wealthy?  If you don’t set the right strategies, tactics and goals for your business, life and career, you’ll always miss your target.

  • Putting all the puzzle pieces together.  What the core elements of wealth building revealed in the Seven Steps to Wealth System.

  • Understand the GAP Model and how to build upon it to create massive leverage.

  • Discover how you find or create wealth.  It’s likely you’re looking where everyone else looks but not with the eyes of a wealth builder.

  • Fully integrate the concept of “good debt” and “bad debt” and understand how to stand up to investors (maybe even your own Board of Advisors) and explain the difference.

  • Create like the great wealth builders your own inner digital camera to take instant photos of your own assets, liabilities, and net worth at any given time.

  • Which assets should you sell now and why? But you must know what it’s really going to cost you and how to offset the cost by re-deploying the cash.

  • Build the right kind of Money Machine for your specific needs, wants and dreams.

  • Allocate your assets and your portfolio correctly.  If you aren’t speaking to someone who has built wealth, you are most likely doing it wrong.

  • Accelerate your retirement.  What are the formulas you can use to make tomorrow’s dreams happen today.

  • Seriously, I hope you’re getting excited because The $500 Million Dollar Man can…
    Change Your Financial Future

Here’s where you really put the pedal to the metal as you begin to apply what you have learned…

  • How to leverage your mind and intuition and learn laser- like focus so you only head in the direction of success.

  • How to discover your financial destiny and achieve personal freedom and live the life you always dreamed of.

  • 1% of the population of the world controls 35 to 40% of the wealth. There’s a reason and you are going to learn it.

  • How to be wealth conscious and not wealth blind.  You will learn to what the greatest wealth builders see that 98.5% of the population doesn’t.

  • How to use his models of wealth building which will save you years – even a lifetime of frustration – regretting what could or should have been.

  • The exact plan you need to build wealth. He will lay out a short term and long term game plan.

  • The role of a business and personal value curve.

  • How to tie all the pieces of the wealth puzzle to fit your own needs and desires.

  • Action steps you can take – at the Summit itself – that will not only move you in the right direction but you will start building wealth immediately.
  •     A

  • nd this is a real killer application.  Learn the insider tricks of writing your own executive summary for your business – the same that $500 million man used to raise capital with 100% success.  That’s right. He has never failed to attract the capital he desired. And if you don’t know why this is important, you better book your ticket now.
  • And so much more.

  Here’s the way I see it.  This seminar could be the one chance you have to…
Stare Destiny in The Eye and Watch Him Blink!
Registration For The Speeding To Wealth Summit
is now open for an extremely limited time.

That means exactly what it says.  The $500 Million Dollar Man has limited the number of people attending the summit.  In October, the Summit oversold.

But he is so torn about doing another Summit, frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if he closed the doors rapidly.

He is afraid that some of the people who get into The Speeding To Wealth Summit are going to pass this material on to people who won’t know how to apply it properly.

He’s worried about someone discovering how powerful this material is and trying to become Bill Gates overnight.

He not interested in people who think wealth building is like trying for a big score at the Las Vegas Casinos.

And here’s the big secret no one else will tell you: Just by attending this amazing Summit … you will learn a dozen tips that will turbo-charge your trading skills (without affecting anything else) because you will learn to look at finances differently. That’s another benefit right there.

You’ll also learn the simple secrets of never being taken advantage of when you invest again.

Even better… you’ll find you’re completely immune from those fakes in the industry and in life itself because you’ll have the ability to see right through them.

Special Announcement

This upcoming seminar is very unique.  Because it’s going to focus on the use of the Internet as the mechanism that is going to get you on your way to the top.

If you are one of the thousands of people who have benefited from one of my programs, you know that one thing is true – I mean what I say.

So trust me, I’m as serious as a heart attack.  This Summit will close out quickly.

Here’s What’s Going To Be Covered At the Speeding To Wealth Summit In Orlando.

Company (PC) versus Products (p): To build wealth you need an infrastructure, a team – vehicle – that buys or produces products and services.  Wealth is built owning the vehicle or company not by being the bus driver!  Most people are their own employees – not owners.  You have a glorified job.  What is important is not have a product but run a company.  The $500 Million Dollar Man will show you how to get started.

The Secret to Creating Real Wealth : You have two choices.  Either you start and/or build the right kind of companies or you invest in one.  Wealth is based upon ownership on these companies.

How To Create And Manage Massive Cash Flow : Once you follow his advice, the money will soon follow.  You’ll discover the best ways to create and manage the money you’ll soon be earning.

How To Grow Your Money Exponentially : Investors will pay you a multiple for companies that produce cash flows.  They’ll gladly pay a higher multiple for companies that have growing cash flows.  For example, if you have a company that nets as little as $100,000 cash flow, a 5 multiple of cash flow values a company at $500,000.  A 10 multiple values a company at $1,000.000.  You’ll discover how to build a million dollar company in record time.

The Three People You Need On Your Team : Entrepreneurs take ideas or visions and make them into companies.  They hire management to oversee people and account for hat has and is happening.  Also, technicians are hired to do the mechanical work. Great companies need all three.

You’ll Know The Difference : Between Entrepreneurs versus Investors. Some people are entrepreneurs or visionaries, who create and build companies others like Buffet are investors who invest in companies.

Why Speeding To Wealth Is So Important : Time is the key underlying component to all wealth. The faster you build cash flow, the faster you get a return on your investment, then the higher you rate of return.  If you invest $100,000 and make $50,000 return on your $100,000 investment, your rate of return on investment is 50%.  If you make the same $50,000 over 2 years, it’s a 25 % return and so son.

What’s Yours? The key ingredient to growth companies and wealth building a competitive advantage.  A competitive advantage can be supplies or processes or both that allow one company to have a cost advantage over another.  Or, a proprietary system like Microsoft or an algorithm like Google.

Covering Your Assets:  Great companies and great wealth is measured often by the size of the economic moat to protect itself.  How well can your company fend off its competitors over time?  You’ll learn how to protect your creation.

Looking At The World With Warren Buffet’s Eyes : Buffet is a great investor because he takes advantage of change to buy a piece of a company with a cushion or margin of safety. Then he waits for the market to revalue the company upward to the value he saw when others did not.

The Secret To Creating Wealth Today : In today’s market place, the way to build wealth is to know how to combine building a company, remarkable products and competitive advantages

And Most Importantly…

Turning The Internet Into Your Old Gold Mine : The internet is a vehicle that is an entrepreneurs dream in that you can use all the wealth building elements and tools to create a company and a team with a  relatively low investment and achieve a very high rate of return

The Advantage of Going Online To Build Your Money Machine : You can use testing and marketing to find your opportunity, your audience and the products and services they want.  Plus, you can create a dialogue and engage your customers in order to building cash flow, get multiples and build wealth.
This is probably the most comprehensive Wealth Building Summit in history.  But it doesn’t stop there.
Based on feedback we have received, we are adding an optional fourth day where we are going to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of building your own business.
For some people who have the experience, you might not need our lab day.  But for those of you who are new to building an online business, you may want to know more about…
Going Online – Lab Day
Here’s where we put the pedal to the medal.  By the end of the day, you will have worked with a hand picked team of experts.  They’re not going to take any prisoners and make sure you leave Orlando with a plan.
In the morning, you’ll be working on choosing exactly what business you want to build.  You’ll learn some short cuts to making sure you pick a fool-proof business.  Our presenter recently taught these skills at a seminar where people paid $5000 to learn this technique.  We promise he will keep you riveted to your seat.  And that’s just beginning…
After your morning break, you’ll discover how to analyze the competition in your field.  Before you can DOMINATE, you need to know who the players are.  Who can be your potential joint-venture partners? Who do you need to keep your eyes on?  You are going to learn ultra-secret techniques to spy on your competition.  They’ll be eating your dust before they ever figure out what hit them.

After lunch, we’re going to show you how to get traffic to your website.  The worst thing you can do is start a business and have no one come to your website.  We’ll show you how to get hordes of visitors (and buyers) to your website with just a few hours work.  You’ll be learning this from one of the top experts in the field.  Hold on to your seats because this is going to rock.

Finally, Gary and I will share with you how to raise money for your new business.  How can you find venture capital?  What you need to do before approaching a bank for a small business loan.  What should you plan to accomplish in the next 30 days, the next 60 days, and the next year.

By the time the Lab Day is over, you will have made new contacts in the industry and be ready for explosive growth.

Attendance at this program is being made available under the following conditions.

You must fill out the form upon attending agreeing to use the material you learn only for your own use.

Bottom line – no one gets their big toe in the room unless you sign the non-disclosure form.

This material is priceless.  No doubt about it.  And it is worth its weight in gold.

Here Are Some Questions You May Have
In The Back of Your Mind

Who should attend this Summit?
This Summit will benefit online traders, internet marketers, offline businesses, and investors, people who want to start a business, invest in real estate, or plan for retirement.
What if my finances are limited and I’m not sure I can succeed at this?
This Summit is not designed for the super wealthy.  It’s to get you to that point.
Look, if you are being squeezed by the real estate market, the plunging Dow, rising energy costs, insane health insurance costs, or the feeling that – “it’s too late for me” – you belong at this seminar.
The last Wealth Building Summit not only sold out, it over sold the space in the room.
And this took place during the week of the biggest bank failure in US history.
Why am I telling you this? Because it’s obvious this Speeding To Wealth Building Summit is going to sell out as well.
And if you want to join the $500 Million Dollar Man and me in Orlando, you’ll need to move fast.
Here are The Details of the Summit:
The Wealth Building Summit will take place on February 5-7, 2009 (and February 8 for the optional lab day) in Orlando, Florida.
The Summit includes a complimentary reception on Thursday night before we plunge in the next morning.
This is “no-nonsense”, “no fluff”, and “no filler” conference.
The tuition is $3997 for all 4 days (including the lab day). But if you don’t think you need the lab day, your tuition is just  $2997 for the first 3 days.
To answer your question, yes you can bring your spouse/partner for just an additional $2000 for all 4 days (including the lab day) or $1000 for just the first 3 days.

Heck Yes! Count Me In Mac!
I’m Putting My Money On The Line Here
But I understand you may have some concerns, after all, there is so much fluff and stuff out there that doesn’t teach anything so I’ll be blunt.
If you come out to the Seminar and spend the first day and don’t find it worth every penny, (and then some) I want you to let me know and I’ll not only refund your money, I’ll also pick up the night you spent in the hotel as well.
And that’s a super generous guarantee.

Join Us In Orlando
Weather in parts of the country have been brutal so far but the sun is shining in Orlando.
We’ll be in the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at SeaWorld®.  This is a gorgeous hotel and spa and you’ll enjoy the amenities fully. It’s the perfect time to bring the family down and make a mini-vacation out of it.

Can I Call You Rockefeller Yet?
The $500 Million Dollar Man didn’t start out with a silver spoon in his mouth.  No one staked him in his initial dealings.  And he learned in the school of hard knocks that anyone can build real wealth – even if you start with nothing.
So this is an incredible opportunity to study with the world’s only true teacher of Wealth Building who has done it himself.
You should really be there.
Make your reservations now.
Sign Me Up For The Wealth Building Summit!


PS. I’m serious. If you come out to Orlando and this seminar isn’t exactly what I’ve said, I don’t want your money. I’ll refund you in full. Plus, I’ll pick up your hotel room for the first night.
PPS. If you’ve ever read through any of the books on wealth building, they are usually about psychic “woo-woo” material.  There isn’t going to be any of that here.  This is all solid hard core material.  The $500 Million Dollar Man will over deliver.


Harlan Kilstein Blog

It’s been a long time in coming.  I’ve been waiting for years to launch this bog and it seemed the right time.

What I’m going to do with this blog is post sales letters to it for people to learn from.

Each sales letter is an “original Harlan Kilstein”.

When available (and not baring any secret clauses) I’ll tell you how the sales letter performed.

I hope you enjoy them.


Harlan Kilstein